Craft – Covered Can Holders [Beginner]

In the battle of becoming organized on a budget, I have lost many a time. You wander the aislesĀ of Storable’s, The Container Store and even Target; behold the vast expensive variety of organization products. You never knew that a tiny pencil holder made out of thick cardboard and paper could cost $5.99. But have no fear, with the know how you can have a cute pen holder or mascara cup in minutes.

Covered Can Holders


You will need:

– A clean cut can opener (see below)
– Food Can (standard size)
– Contact Paper (solid color or sporadic patterned)
– Exacto Knife
– Cutting Mat
– Ruler
– Marker/Pen

1) When you are using your canned food, cut the top of the can clean off, this will leave no harsh edges when you use a clean cut can opener. After the lid is off remove the label, there may be some glue residue, don’t worry about it, it will get covered.

2) Clean the can by either soaking in warm soapy water over night after a simple rinse OR rinse the can and sanitize it in the dishwasher.

3) Once your can is clean and dry, if you are using a standard size can you can simply measure out a 4″ by 10″ piece of Contact Paper, cut using the Exacto Knife with the ruler as a straight edge.

Note: When looking for Contact Paper for this project you will want to avoid patterns that resemble stripes or are too geometric. It will be harder to get the look seamless using these types of patterns. If you are using a different size can measure the height of the can, subtract .25 or less from the height. For the circumference, use a piece of yarn or string to measure around, the length of this string plus .5″ to a full inch will be the length you will cut your paper.

5) Don’t worry about getting it perfect on the first try, the nice thing about contact paper is its reposition able, just work slowly and check for noticeable unevenness. When you have finished applying the paper you are done. Get organized!

Get your clean cut can opener here: Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener