About this Blog:

My passion for food runs deep. My mother is half Sicilian and my father is a foodie extraordinary. When I was young my father would take my family to fine dining establishments and we were expected to be on our best behavior. Not only that but we were expected to order off the menu on our own; and rarely ordered off the kid menu after age 8. This experience at a young age gave me an interesting appreciation for food that I don’t think I would have otherwise had.

During my youth I was also surrounded by people cooking from scratch. My grandmother taught me the basics of baking and my mother taught me how to cook and handle a knife. I was always interested in learning more so I studied. I watched Alton Brown on the Food Network, I read articles on-line, and I set aside weekends for binge watching Bourdain and Top Chef.  I treat it like all my other passions, learning is a constant and a never ending journey; that’s what is fun about it. I can always learn something new about food, and I hope to share part of that learning process with all of you.

About me:

You may have read my writing on thenerdemp.com or aliciaeesh.wordpress.com. This blog is devoted to all my food writing and recipes.

I am a social media lover, marketer, admin, crafter, idea wizard, etc. I have worked for a small shoe boutique in the Seattle area and helped launch their successful new blog. In the past I have also interned with Killer Infographics as a marketing and social media intern. In the few years I have been in the Seattle Area I have worked any many other social media projects in roles large and small. Currently I am:

  • Marketing and Brand Consultant for Serling Consulting
  • The Nerd Empire’s Co-Founder and Marketing Manager

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