Restaurant Review: Brunch at Roux

When Roux opened up in my neighborhood I was elated to say the least. Fremont is getting some great new restaurants despite losing a few in the past year. Roux’s opening was followed by many in the Seattle Food Scene. The owner, Matt Lewis, was running a foodie pop up for years before opening Roux. This restaurant shows him planting some very important roots in the area. Originally, from New Orleans, it was no surprise the Lewis was opening a restaurant with a southern/creole based menu. Now, I am not talking about their main menu in this article, you’ll have to come back for that at a later date. This is about brunch, the serious social mealtime of the weekend.

Roux’s brunch was much needed in the area too, with the recent loss of Hunger, Fremont needed a semi-serious brunch stop, to take its place. Lewis delivers, with comforting food and exceptional service. Roux’s brunch menu offers some standards with southern twists. You have your basic plate of eggs, meat and toast with the addition of grits, aptly named “The Cure”.  You also have malted waffles, biscuits and gravy,  huevous rancheros, beignets, nuttella pancakes and a great benedict selection (and that is just naming a few).

My husband and I attended brunch at Roux and were greeted by a smiley hostess. She was nicely dressed for a brunch shift, which was a pleasant surprise. Roux’s interior is light, causal and somewhat playful during the daytime. We were seated near the bar, which has a wonderful chalkboard cocktail menu. The unique thing about this menu, is that all the recipes are featured as well, just adding to the whimsy. The bartender came over quickly to get our drink order. While I wish there was more juice or other options on the morning drink menu, I really did like some of their morning cocktail options. They were more creative with their brunch drinks then most. Offering twists on mimosas as well as on a Michelada.

I ordered beignets for the table, a country ham benedict for myself, and my husband ordered The Cure. The beignets came out quickly, delivered my Lewis himself greeting us with a “Good Morning”. The beignets were perfect, slightly tangy, custard-like, simply topped, well heaped with powder sugar. You get a generous helping of large beignets for a few dollars, if you felt like it, you could just order them for yourself. You would have a sweet and delicious breakfast, perfect for dunking in a cup of coffee.

Our main courses came shortly after we devoured the beignets. We both received the creole spiced home-fries with our plates, and they were absolutely scrumptious. Golden brown and heavily seasoned, which is so very refreshing. My biggest beef with home-fries is under-seasoned ones, often entirely bland with limp onions and peppers. These didn’t come intermixed with veggies, just pure potato goodness. My husbands plated came with a helping of grits, which I have to say, were some of the best grits I have ever had. Creamy and velvet, almost cheesy? Not sure, if Lewis puts cheese in his grits, or if he just obtained the perfect texture.

Now my benedict, I am a bit of a benedict lover, just so you know. It is my brunch dish of choice, I rarely order something else. My country ham benedict was tasty for sure, but in my opinion, suffered a minor flaw. Now, I am not upset that Lewis subbed cornbread for an english muffin. I was actually really happy with the addition of the cornbread, it added a nice textured contrast to the eggs without needing a knife to cut through it. It was light, not overly salty nor was it overly sweet. I have a feeling that cornbread would make any southern grandma happy. Once tiny issue, the small helping hollandaise on my plate.

Okay, so achieving perfect balance in a benedict is not easy, I am well aware of this fact. Here’s the thing though, this hollandaise was like a hug for my tongue. The Roux has a hollandaise that may just top my list. I wanted more and I felt like I was searching for it, praying for it to just appear. The eggs weren’t covered with it, it was more like they covered half an egg in ‘daise.

While, I am a picky benedict eater, I rather enjoyed my brunch at Roux. The experience was was refined yet, causal. The service and the atmosphere of Roux is going to make it one of the prime show-off brunch spots. The place you take the in-laws or your best girlfriend for her birthday, that kind of  brunch spot. Taking someone here will show you have discerning but whimsical taste. You should, by all means, brunch here and soon. Roux has a very good chance of becoming a reservation only brunch spot in the near future.



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