Best Burger In Seattle – Part Three [Blue Moon Burgers]

Alicia! Where have you been?

I know internet, calm down. I have been busy! I was working on launching a new site for a nerdy blog that I co-founded. The site just went live a few days ago, so you can check it out here:

Okay, shameless plug over, lets talk about burgers!!!

Blue Moon Burgers – You put what on that patty?

Entering either of the Blue Moon locations that I have visited hasn’t been anything special. Out of all of the burger joints that I have been to this one really flatlines in the atmosphere department. I don’t really need amazing atmosphere to eat a burger but I want a little bit of something. These establishments just kind of fall flat on the interior space, bland and boring. Though I would argue that the minute you sink your teeth into one of their burgers that all ceases to matter.


I have visited a Blue Moon Burger twice and I have ordered the same burger. I meant to try something else, honest, but that Hangover burger. Oh my god, the Hangover burger. I have very few salivary reactions when I reminisce about certain foods; this burger has made that list. This magical burger is pretty close to perfect for me. You get their patty which is juicy and fatty on their signature brioche bun. This patty is topped with their special sauce, a fried egg, swiss cheese, thick cut bacon and fries. I know, calm down, it will be alright. This burger doesn’t need anything else, heck it comes with the fries on it. Don’t you dare put ketchup on this baby, you’d ruin it.

Now here is where I deviate from my praise and speak of the downsides. I would like this burger to be cooked medium/medium well, that would greatly improve it. Both times I have had it, its been juicy, but juicy for a well done burger. The brioche bun is buttery and tasty, but I feel like with the weight and richness of the rest of the burger it could benefit from a heartier bun. Perhaps their ciabatta?

So far I have reviewed Red Mill, Blue Moon and Dicks. Thus far the Hangover burger at Blue Moon is topping the list for the best burger in Seattle. I still have time though, and many more burgers to try, before I finally name my best burger!


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