The Best Burgers In Seattle – Part One [Dick’s Drive In]

Something I learned pretty quickly when I first moved out to Seattle is that there is no shortage of burgers, good and bad. It seems like something that Seattleites secretly crave at all hours of the day and night. The lines outside of Dicks and the amount of burger shop chains out here should be proof enough of this theory. One of my pet projects, as long as I live here, is to try all the various burgers this city has to offer. I figured as long as I was doing this I should share my thoughts, as I quest for the best burgers in Seattle.

Dicks Drive In – A Seattle Staple 


“My” Dicks Drive In – The First Dicks in the Wallingford Neighborhood

Plenty of people harp on Dicks, I honestly don’t know why. Dick’s is honest about what it is, more honest then most restaurants. It serves burgers, fries and shakes. That’s about it. There are no frills and no substitutions. Don’t even try to ask for a burger without ketchup and mustard, you’ll just hold up the line. There is always a line at Dicks, I don’t think I have walked straight up to a counter more then twice in the three years I have lived here.

You have your Special/Deluxe and your regular burger. There is a price difference and a totally different flavor profile to both. Want a completely no frills, fast, tasty burger? Get yourself a Dicks cheeseburger; a patty, cheese, bun, ketchup and mustard. The bun is steamed and squishy, the patty is local beef with that nice flattop flavor. Want a Seattle original? Then you must try the Special or the Deluxe. The only difference is the Deluxe has cheese and an extra patty.  The Deluxe is the burger for me half the time; two 1/8 pound patties, cheese, mayo, shredded lettuce and pickled relish all on that perfect steamed bun.


The Amazing Deluxe Burger

The best thing about Dicks is that you get an all out Deluxe for $2.70 and a regular cheeseburger for $1.50. My husband and I frequent Dicks, visiting once a month often eating for a whooping total of $11.40 and we are very full at the end of it. We get fresh local cheeseburger on the cheap. The only thing we don’t really like about Dicks is the fries, they are tasty just too soggy and short for my tastes. I do highly suggest it to anyone who visits Seattle but with two important things to remember:

– You can’t sub anything on the menu, or ‘hold’ anything off your burger

– If you want ketchup for your fries you have to pay for it, 5 cents gets to a little tub of it.

Which to me is fair enough when their tasty burgers are so cheap! Better then McD’s or Wendy’s any day of the week, worth a try if you are in the market for a $2.00 burger.

Update: I will be reviewing all the burger joints I frequent and give my thoughts as I go. At the end I hope to name my “Best Burger”!


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